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Human Nature (All Bass Version)

This is a homemade cover video of Michael Jackson’s «Human Nature» song recorded using only electric and upright basses played by me. Just a try for a pure bass song. Enjoy 🙂

Respects for the creators.
composers : John Bettis, Steve Porcaro
arrangement : Mike Tomaro

I play the luthier Erkan Sızarlar’s «Arda Algan Signature» handmade basses.

The Main Solo Bass (sitting on the left):
made in 2007 by Erkan Sızarlar.
ash / mahogany body with flamed maple and quilted mahogany top
maple / wenge / ash / wenge / maple 5 piece neck
ebony fingerboard 34″ scale
nordstrand DC5 pickups
aguilar obp3 preamp
D’Addario Nickel Wound .45 strings loaded.

The Fretless (sitting on the right):
made in 2008
alder body with flamed maple and ebony top
ash / wenge 5 piece neck
ebony fingerboard 34″ scale
nordstrand bigsplit pickups
hipshot hardware (brass bridge)
D’Addario Flatwound .45 strings loaded.

The Other Electric Bass (used for the other channels):
made in 2008
Alder body with Flamed Maple top
Ash/Wenge 5 pieces Bolt-On neck
Rosewood fingerboard 34″ scale
Hipshot hardware
Lindy Fralin single coil Jazz Bass pickups
Glockenklang preamp
D’Addario Nickel Wound .20 Piccolo strings loaded.

The Double Bass is The Stentor Student 3/4
Recorded with an AKG D112 mic mixed with The Realist Piezo pickup. (the percussion side is only D112 channel)

All the instruments and mics plugs directly into the Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface. I used Logic for editing, mixing, mastering etc.

The video is shot with Nikon D9000 camera and processed in Sony Vegas.

And my cat ESES ! 🙂

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